Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This morning was game three of our charity hockey tournament. Monday, my play was fine, despite the three 'bonehead' moves I made. We won despite little errors here and there, but it was a close game. Yesterday, we played a weaker team and won 6-0. Today, we were up against the team I played for last year. They had won their game yesterday by a score of 9 - 1. I was pretty confident that we could still win, but I really had no basis for it!

The game was really tight and we played so hard. I didn't even see the time flying by because we were kept on our toes the whole game. After the first of two periods, no one had scored. There was a greater than average number of penalities, and it was pretty exciting. More than half way through the game, I shot the puck from up close to the blue line and it hit the foot of one of the three people on the other team who were standing in front of the net. It went in! I scored! Turns out it was the game winning goal (GWG). After having gone all last season without a goal (our team only scored about 20 goals all year), it was a great feeling. The only downside is that since we won all three of our games, we get a bye to the finals on Friday and we don't get to play tomorrow!

I was really amazed when I saw how well everyone on our team was playing. We're not rusty anymore and we're playing more like a team. It's really fun.


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