GWG Part Deux

Friday, October 3, 2008

Today it was Christine's turn to get the game-winning goal against the Justice Department team! Our hockey team won the game 2-1 and we are the Champions! It was fun to play 4 hockey games in one week, especially since the regular season starts on Wednesday. I'll be ready. Now I'm off to my scrapbooking weekend away! In honour of the hockey win, I'm bringing Wayne Gretzky wine with me. I miss the kids already, and I usually cry when I'm separated from them overnight. I'm looking forward to getting lots done and to catching up with Mindy. There's an indoor pool too, and a gym, and my own room where I can sleep as late as I want!

The pile of dirt and mulch in the yard is almost gone. DH took two days off this week and really worked SO hard to get it all put where it is supposed to go. While I was helping, for a couple of hours here and there, I noticed a few plants that need some attention, but that'll have to wait until the spring.

We had a little birthday party for DH last night. I had planned to serve baked brie with mango chutney, homemade squash soup, BBQ'd steak, baked potatoes and roasted veggies with chick peas and feta. I had angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and mixed berries. DH decided that after 7 hours in the garden, he would rather have pizza, so we ordered in and had soup, pizza and wings, and angel food cake for dessert.


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