Faucets and doors and sinks, oh my!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday morning, DH and I were to drop Precious off at school, then head to the contractor/designer's office and pick out our finishes for our basement reno. In case I had forgotten to mention it, we decided to go with the 'green' renovators we loved so much. We headed out to the car at 8:50, with just enough time to get to nursery school, then to the designer's office, and the car wouldn't start. Unbelievable. This was the first time in history that this car hadn't started. One panicked phone call to my mom later, she rushed over, and we had a car and we were off.

We arrived in the office and the designer had our flooring sample, cabinetry sample and some paint colours chosen for us. We o.k.'d the flooring and the cabinetry right away, but the paint colours she had chosen (based on an inspiration page I had given her) were a little too minty for me. Rather than the greens she had chosen, we chose a smoky blue called "young seal" by SICO. Sorry, they don't have on-line paint samples so I can't show you. The cork floor is pretty light in colour, and the trim will be white, with dark wood cabinetry, except in the powder room, where the wood is a zebra-type horizontal striped wood. The bar top will be black. The bathroom colour is a bit of a muted blue-green, to give us the watery feeling we're going for, without the expense of the back-painted glass tiles. The spare bedroom is a nice mellow tan.

What I hadn't realized was that our quote only included certain things. For example, the contractor does not provide the bathroom sink, toilet, mirror, faucet, shelf, towel bar, toilet paper holder, wall sconces, cabinet pulls, bar sink, bar faucet, bar fridge, pendants for over the bar, shelves for over the bar cabinetry, 3 interior doors and handles, or 2 closet doors. I know what I like, but I've never had to shop for most of these items. One place where I thought I would have trouble was with the closet doors. One of the closets is in a hallway so space is an issue. Sliding closet doors would be a good solution, but when I think of sliding closet doors, I usually can't conjure up a nice image. I had planned to buy regular interior doors and install them in the closets, but when I went to the Home Depot, my first scouting location, and went to the interior door section, I was surprised to discover that there are actually stylish sliding closet doors out there!

Tomorrow my brother is coming over to babysit while DH and I do a quick trip to the store to see what is out there. We don't have a lot of time tomorrow, so we've narrrowed it down to the Home Depot/Big Box option, IKEA, and the specialty store option. I've been to the first two and there were some viable options for many of the things we need. For example, IKEA has a really cool bar faucet (but in stainless), and the price is great, and it would go really well with this sink. I went to see both of these in person, and they are really nice. Tomorrow, we'll head to the specialty plumbing store just to see how much a person can spend on a powder room.


Mindy October 14, 2008 at 7:44 AM  

Welcome to the oeverwhelming world of custom design! We used Franks for our doors and railings.

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