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Monday, October 6, 2008

A while back, I was blogging about how I wanted to go back to work, which at one time sounded like a cockamamie idea. It is quickly becoming a reality. I have found something to do which sounds interesting, and I even found someone to watch my kids while I'm at work! I knew this would all work out, but I didn't realize how easily or how quickly.

First of all, the job I will be doing is on a project where I once worked. In theory, I'll have some idea what people are talking about when I get there. Second, they are willing to accommodate my two day a week schedule. Sweet. I haven't figured out the days of the week or the location of my office yet, but these things will happen eventually, hopefully this week, now that I have a name, email and phone number for my new boss.

As for daycare for the three kids, I imagined some sort of complicated solution which involved multiple daycares or teenagers watching Mr. Boy after school, as well as many trips back and forth transporting kids various places. Once I put the word out that I was looking for a daycare solution, to the time that we had found someone was about 4 days. A mom at the playground told me about another mom of a boy in Sweet Pea's class that was looking to share her live-in nanny. Share a nanny? Well, that sounds like a great idea. One I had not considered, but it would solve a lot of our problems and we could have one person watch all three children. Would we be able to afford her? Would we like her? Would she be able to drive Precious to school and back?

The answer turned out to be yes to the first two questions, and no to the third. We can pay her what she wants and we'll still come out ahead. We really liked the nanny, too. I'm hoping she'll do everything the way I do it, except the things I don't do well. As for not driving, we are working around the problem by making sure the nanny works for us on at least one day when Precious goes to the local nursery school. It is about 8 minutes to walk there and I walk her there and back year-round. The nanny can do that too. No driver's license required. The other day that I'm at work, DH will work from home and ferry Precious back and forth to her other nursery school. It'll take about an hour out of his day, which he'll have to make up in the evening. He says it is worth it if it makes me happy. Aww. Sweet.

I'll be starting work in a few weeks. Now my attention has to go to those 15 pounds that are standing between me and getting into all of my work clothes!


Christine October 7, 2008 at 8:41 AM  

Looking forward to seeing you at work! And if you are in our building - Spinning 6:20 am Tues and Thurs!! Melt those 15 lbs away.....

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