Whoooooooooooo Scary!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!
Mr. Boy is an astronaut, Sweet Pea is Ariel, and Precious said 'No princess!' so we improvised and she's Santa, replete with Ho Ho Ho! I don't know if a nightgown with Ariel on it is really a costume, but Sweet Pea believes she's Ariel, so why argue?

While DH was away last weekend, we went to the local veggie farm and picked up the biggest pumpkins we could find. Precious got a normal sized pumpkin and the other two got really big ones. I figured, '"why not?" except that I could barely lift them into the trunk of the car! Once I got them home and into the house, Tyler weighed them and one of the big ones was 33 pounds and the other was 43 pounds! No wonder they were hard to lift. Sweet Pea asked to have Ariel carved in her pumpkin.
Mr. Boy asked for Darth Vader. I've got the laptop in the front hall and I'm blogging this as I answer the door for the trick or treaters. Most of them have commented on the Darth Vader pumpkin. This was the second Darth Vader this year. Mr. Boy brought home a pumpkin from his field trip a few weeks ago and I carved a Darth Vader for him. It looked really good, but the fruit flies were having a field day, so I put the pumpkin outside overnight to kill the fruit flies. In the garage might have been a better idea, because Rocky Raccoon or some other suburban wildlife ate most of it. Mr. Boy told me "I told you so". He did warn me that putting it outside was a bad idea.
Tyler ended up carving most of Darth Vader #2.

On another note, Mr. Boy has his first loose tooth ever. He was complaining that his mouth hurt and it was hard to chew. Once I showed him that his tooth was loose, he stopped complaining and started vibrating with excitement over getting something from the tooth fairy, and also adding his name to the calendar at school where all the lost teeth are recorded.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where have I been? Why haven't I blogged? What is going on? Four days and no word from Beth, but I'm happy to say I am back. I have half an hour before I have to get Mr. Boy from school and I have lots to tell you.

First of all, DH's grandfather died last week and DH left on Saturday for Regina. He's on his way home as we speak, although the last leg of his flight is delayed.

I started work on Monday, despite DH being away. My brother kindly came over at 6 a.m. and stayed with the kids until the nanny arrived. He got them ready, fed them breakfast, brushed their hair, dressed them, etc., and walked them to school.

Also on Monday, the windows installers came to install our new windows. We were having all 11 windows and one patio door replaced. When I got home from work on Monday, the nanny said everything with the kids had gone well. I assumed the installers were doing a good job, despite the huge mess they were making. It is construction after all, and the vacuumed up at the end of the day.

Tuesday I was getting annoyed with the windows installers. They were loud and messy, and I don't know how people can stand to have renovations done in their house while they are living there! I caught one installer walking on the family room carpet with his boots, but I was too scared to say anything to them. Instead, I brought drop cloths from the basement and put them on the carpet so at least it wouldn't get dirtier.

The windows installers finally left around 3 and by then I had had it. I called the manager at the window company and described the mess, as well as issues with the insulation, trim and colour of the flashing. They sent a manager over and he verified all of my complaints. I was pretty upset about the whole thing and the manager offered to pay for the carpet cleaning and they called a meeting to discuss how to resolve the issues I was having. Today, there is a real carpenter here fixing up the poorly done trim, and tomorrow, they will be coming to replace all of the flashing on the outside with the correct colour. While the flashing is off, they'll be injecting the spray foam. They'll install the patio door, and then I'll probably spend another couple of hours cleaning and mopping, but at least they'll be done!

Last night was piano lessons for both older children, and I hired a babysitter to watch the other children. While I was in the piano lessons with Sweet Pea, it started snowing! Yes, snowing!!! My winter tires aren't on yet, and even though I have all-season tires, they are getting towards the end of their life. Definitely not ideal for driving in snow. I had to drive Precious to preschool and I also had a physiotherapy appointment, and I wasn't sure I would be able to make it. I managed to get there, but I was late picking up Sweet Pea after school.

I had heard there would be snow, so I had all of the winter boots, jackets, hats and mitts out, but I hadn't gotten the snow pants out, so this morning I was looking for them and managed to get everyone into a pair that fits. Success! I even got a cute picture of Precious after we dropped off the other two at school. Precious wanted to take off her mitts so she could feel the snow.I'm Canadian, eh, but I'm really not used to this much snow in October. Heaven help us!


Rite of Passage

Saturday, October 25, 2008

As you may already know, the library is one of my favourite places. I love to read, and what is better than a huge place full of books, and you can borrow any of them for free? It is rare that I buy a book because I'm too cheap, and I don't have enough room in my house for all of the books that I love. I like the classics. Modern stuff. Weird stuff. I'm a big fan of Margaret Atwood. I even love some trashy chick lit once in a while.

I always have a book or two borrowed from the library at any given time. The kids too. Sometimes I borrow a kid's movie. I like to borrow magazines like Yoga Journal, Shape, Canadian House & Home. I'll be driving to work next week, so today I got a book on CD.

Every trip to the library is fun, but today was an extra special day. Mr. Boy got his own library card, in honour of starting grade one. I had planned to let Sweet Pea get one when she starts grade one next year. As it turns out, she is going on a school field trip in about 2 weeks, to our local library and she can only check out a book if she has her own card. I would hate for her to miss out on the opportunity, so she piggy-backed on the library card experience. The kids are thrilled!


The 36 Rules of Life

Friday, October 24, 2008

I don't usually like to receive joke emails. Sometimes they're funny, but sometimes they're not. I hate scrolling through all the junk to get to the joke. I'm not particularly fond of cute pictures of cats and dogs playing together, or funny animation. Once in a while, the joke resonates with me. I found one once called "You Know You're Ready to be a Parent When...". Hilarious! Today, I was over at All Things Pink and read Holly's list, which was sent to her by her mom. It was one of those lists that really hit home with me.

Go and read and let me know your favourite list item. I love #27 "There's a very fine line between 'hobby' and 'mental illness'." Sounds a little too familiar.


Marathon Shopping Trip

Thursday, October 23, 2008

DH and I had a lot of things to special order for the basement reno so they would be here before it starts in a month or so. We had a big agenda for today. The nanny was doing a trial run before my return to work on Monday, so we had most of the day. It wasn't really a shopping trip, but more of a buying trip!

We needed to order the closet doors. I never imagined there were stylish sliding closet doors out there, but we found these, and they come in solid oak or maple. We got the oak because we're painting them white, like the trim. The handles even match the other handles we're using in the basement! In the bedroom, we're getting the mirrored doors, and for the storage room closet, we're getting frosted glass.
In the powder room, we're having a gorgeous horizontally-striped vanity built. It will have a counter-top squared-off rectangular sink, no picture available, and this counter-mounted faucet, but in brushed nickel.
The toilet is a one-piece, with a slow-closing lid. I know nothing about toilets but this one is easy to clean, and that's all right by me. We're replacing the handle with one that is brushed nickel.
We ordered some Canadian-made light fixtures for the powder room. The whole room will be painted an aqua green. This is to compensate for the fact that I won't have a whole wall of green glass tiles in my powder room. If I had a bigger budget, I would have the tile. The wall sconces we ordered are frosted glass like the photo, but with a satin nickel back plate.
The bar will have dark wood cabinetry and black countertops, with an 18" deep black bar counter wide enough for three bar stools. We ordered some multi-coloured light fixtures today. A few hours later, I started hating them and wishing had gone with the ones I orginally wanted, which look a bit like the ones below. The ones I liked are amber and have a mottled pattern to them. I'll call the store tomorrow and see if it is too late to change my mind.
Below: The light fixtures I regret ordering.
Here's a picture of the cork flooring we are getting throughout the basement. All of the cabinetry will be dark chocolate and the walls will be smoky blue/grey throughout except the powder room which will be aqua green, and the bedroom which will be tan.
This is all getting very exciting, and expensive. We still have quite a list of things to buy, but everything that is left to get is off-the-shelf. We still need a bar sink and a faucet, and some shelves for over the bar. I've seen some I like at IKEA and the kids can come for that and play in the ball room while we shop. The doors handles can be had at the local big box store, but they were out of stock today. Worst case scenario, we have to pick a different style or run out to the other end of town.

I've even ordered the first piece of furniture for the basement. I live in a Cape Cod house so the upstairs, with its knee-walls is a bit on the traditional/cottagey side. The main floor is more transitional, and the basement is starting to tend more to modern. I'm really excited about this, but also scared out of my wits! I may be in over my head!


Fall Colours

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We went for a walk in the woods on the Thanksgiving weekend. The leaves were perfect and the weather was great.
We went for dinner at Eric and Christine's a few weeks ago and here's a photo of the five of us on their deck. What a view!



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up here in Canada, thanksgiving has come and gone. I have some photos to post of our weekend nature walk, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Since I just upgraded to CS3, I run into problems once in while. I'm experiencing a whole new learning curve.

In honour of thanksgiving, I'm going to write down the things for which I am thankful. When I was growing up, my Dad's mom, my Nannie, used to get us to do this every year. She did a lot of other things too, like insist we write thank you notes, help us open a bank account, teach us to play euchre, and the list goes on. More on her some other day.

T - I am thankful for TYLER, my brother, and babysitter extraordinaire.
H - My HUSBAND, who is very supportive
A - ALL of my family, especially my mom and dad
N - NOTHING else starting with N comes to mind
K - My KIDS who let me be a kid again
S - SCRAPBOOKING because it lets me be creative
G - GOING back to work part-time. I'm glad it's an option.
I - ICE CREAM - I mean, who isn't thankful for ice cream?
V - VEGETABLES from the garden
I - INTERNET which is fun to surf
N - NAPS - my own and Precious'
G -GARDENING - it's fun, and now that I'm almost middle-aged, it counts as exercise, too.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


Getting action

Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been learning everything I can about my camera, Photoshop CS3 and Camera raw. Recently, I discovered the P setting on my camera which allows me get an automatic exposure and apeture setting but still get RAW. Don't ask me why I didn't know this already.

I took the girls to the park on Sunday and they posed for pictures for me. I used some actions from Pioneer Woman to do this Before and After.

I used the Lovely and Ethereal Action.


Mr Boy Halloween Crossword

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mr Boy Halloween Crossword
Originally uploaded by Beth Favourite

I love to capture the everyday stuff of life. Yesterday, Mr. Boy finished his first crossword. He was so excited, and so was I! The fact that he is reading is so much fun, and it's kind of cool that he likes crosswords, since I love them too.


Creative Challenge #10

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I enjoy a challenge as much as the next person. I've been reading the Creative Inspiration Blog and I decided to participate in one of their challenges. I think I missed the deadline, but at least the page is done!

I've really been focussing on learning camera RAW and actions in Photoshop, now that I've upgraded to CS3 from Elements 5.0. I'll post some before and afters tomorrow. Tonight, we're off to the Sens game and the babysitter will be here any minute.
Credits: Paper: Shabby Princesss, Kiwi White Paper, Staples: K Pertiet yarn swirl staples, Frame: Cherie Mask, 2 Peas, Thrilling October Frame 1, Titles: K Pertiet Strong Words brushes, Black paper, K Pertier yarn swirl, Brushes: K Pertiet Graphically Scrolled, Designer Digitals.

Sadly, this picture was a bit of a wake-up call on how much weight I have gained in the last 4 months. Something has to be done. That'll be a future post. Maybe I'll even include a feature on here that tracks my weight loss. I'm being optimistic, aren't I?


Cheating at Webkinz World

Friday, October 17, 2008

My kids got their first Webkinz in the summer and they have been addicted to the on-line games that they can now access. To tell you the truth, once I got over the sheer size of the Webkinz site, I was impressed with all of the activities they can do, all the ways they can interact with the on-line version of their Webkinz, and how they are learning about budgets. That's right - budgets!

On Webkinz World, each new Webkinz code includes a certain amout of Webkinz dollars which you can spend on food, clothing, furniture, etc for your Webkinz. You need to feed your Webkinz as it will tell you when it is hungry and won't stay healthy for long if you don't feed it. The other stuff is just gratuitous. The kids play games to earn more money, then can save up or spend as they go on the things they want or need for their pet. They can re-decorate their rooms, for a price, and can even add rooms to their pet's living space. If the kids get more Webkinz, and I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing them another one for Christmas, they can add these Webkinz to their house and presumably the Webkinz can play together.

My dilemna comes from the fact that Mr. Boy is really good at the video games and he earns lots of money. He is 6 1/2 and he loves video games. He buys things as he wishes and has no trouble budgeting his money. He always knows his balance, too. Sweet Pea, on the other hand, is still 4 and she isn't quite as good at the games. She doesn't earn money as quickly, and she likes to spend it more. Her pig has a ballerina suit that includes a tutu, a body suit, a headpiece and ballet slipppers. They're all pink, which is a bit of a waste on a pink pig, if you ask me, but I'm not calling the shots in her Webkinz World. The problem is that Sweet Pea wants to buy a princess bed for her pig and it's 950 Webkinz Dollars. She currently has about 150 dollars. That would be at least a month of serious gaming, 30 minutes a day, without buying anything but food for her pet.

I've helped Sweet Pea learn some of the games, and some of them were even fun. A little like Tetris or Minesweeper. My question is, is it cheating if I log in as my daughter and earn her some money? She'd never know I did it. She's not really aware of her balance. She usually finds out that she can't buy something when it won't go into her cart. It would be fun for me to play the games when I felt like wasting some time on the computer. Sweet Pea might not even notice at first or even realize that the money 'magically' appeared. I'd definitely point it out before she nickel-and-dimed the money away on more outfits. Should I earn her some money this way?


What is Normal?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through
traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to
pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it."
-Ellen Goodman

Can I add "and pay someone else to watch your kids" to that?


Waiting Game

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I took Precious today for a slightly overdue haircut. I took her to First Choice, which is one of those cheapo places. Never go there without a $2 off coupon, because they're a dime a dozen. So, I picked Precious up from the preschool and got her over to the haircutters. We didn't have to wait and Precious looked huge and old sitting in the chair by herself, getting a haircut and calling herself 'pretty'. It was so cute, and I was trying to soak in all of the independence she was showing. It was so sweet.

So there is a yet-unnamed phenomenom that happens when you go to one of these cheapo places. Here's the scenario. Let's say there are 2 haircutters working. First step is that one of them greets you excitedly and can't wait to start cutting your hair. Second step is that the other person working there starts cutting someone else's hair. One more customer walks in. Both haircutters start to slow down. They start to walk around and delay things in whatever way they can. The mailman walks in and the haircutter takes the mail straight to the back, and probably reads half of it. I can't prove it, but it seems that they are trying to outlast each other.

They slow down, and what should be a ten minute haircut turns into 20 minutes, then there's time for a fluff dry with the blow-dryer. It's excruciating to watch and even worse when your child is 20 minutes overdue for lunch and you can't wait to get the heck out of there. I feel bad for the people waiting in the waiting room, at this point there about 5 of them, who have been waiting for an eternity.

So my theory is that the tips at this place are so bad that the haircutters don't actually want to cut more hair. Presuming they take turns cutting hair, if one finishes first, she has to cut someone else's hair while the other one sits and does nothing. It's only when two customers are waiting that they are motivated to start cutting faster. If they finish first, then they can cut someone else's hair while the other haircutter takes the second waiting customer and then the first one can have a break.

Really, the only solution to this is to go when it's busy because the haircuts are motivated to cut faster, and that's a good thing.


New Header and colour scheme

Monday, October 13, 2008

If you haven`t seen it already, check out my new header and colour scheme. Part of the reason for the black screen is to save energy. That doesn`t mean a new design won`t dictate a new colour in the future!

If you`re interested in ways to save energy, a good, and easy place to start is Blackle. It is Google`s environmentally-friendly search engine. Darker colours on a website mean they use less energy.


Hallowe'en and the scary costumes

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hallowe'en is one of my favourite holidays. I love the high contrast orange and black decorations, the slight scariness of things, and the best part, dressing up! I have around 5 different Hallowe'en costumes from which to choose to wear on Hallowe'en. I'll wear a costume when I'm dropping off or picking up the kids from school. One day in the not-too-distant future, they'll be horrified that I dress up, but for now, they love it, and some kids in the school yard get so excited, they have to come by to check me out. In recent years, I've been Snow White, an angel, Robin (of Batman fame), a genie, a senorita, and a medieval pagan. I'm running out of time to come up with something new for this year. I'm loathe to re-use some of these costumes as I've used a couple of them more than once.

I do a bit of sewing here and there, especially home decor stuff, but Hallowe'en costume patterns are usually designed to be really easy to complete. In the basement, there are a few capes and face paint. All I need is a little inspiration!

I decided to look back at my old Hallowe'en costumes for inspiration after coming across this site while Christmas shopping on-line. Someone had recreated a photo of themselves in a costume from their childhood. It was so cute and made me think that I might like to do that. I do recall one cute devil costume I wore when I was little, as well as a witch costume that was a pillowcase with permanent marker on it.

I've dug out these photos from the 70's.

Beth and Tyler from 1977. I was 6 and a 1/2 and Tyler was almost 5.
Witch costume from 1973. It`s actually more of a witch pillow case with a random hat, but I look pretty pleased.


Which Camera Strap?

I've been thinking about changing the camera strap on my Canon Xti ever since it started fraying, about 2 days after I pulled it out of the box. I thought I would get a cute, fabric strap like this one. I had even started shopping and picking just the right one, when Photojojo featured the r-strap this week. There's a video to show you how it works. Despite the fact that I might never use it the way he shows in the video, since I'm not a professional sports photographer with a monopod or even a second camera, it might still be good because it allows you to carry your camera across your chest. I don't enjoy having the camera strap around my neck, so this might work for me. Or, I can get a custom fabric camera strap in a longer size so I can wear it like an r-strap.


Hot new lead

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our trip to the specialty bathroom store didn't bear fruit since we couldn't really find anything we both liked. To be fair, it was our first time ever shopping for toilets and sinks, and we needed a bit of education. We didn't know a one-piece toilet from a two-piece, so the clerk helped us a bit with that. Still, there wasn't too much that we both loved.

We still have the big box stores to investigate, but twice in the last two days, someone mentioned Mondeau as a place to get nice bathroom fixtures. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go tomorrow and find the things we need for the basement powder room. Mondeau's website looks nice and they carry all of the big names.

We went for raclette supper at Christine and Eric's and it was great. Christine knows her way around the kitchen, that's for sure! I'm looking forward to the day when neither of us has a kid that routinely gets up at 5:30 a.m. so we can stay past 7:30 p.m.. I mean, many people don't even eat supper until 7:30 and we had already eaten and were heading home! One day I'll miss the children's early years, but for now, I'm wishing they slept in a little more!


Faucets and doors and sinks, oh my!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday morning, DH and I were to drop Precious off at school, then head to the contractor/designer's office and pick out our finishes for our basement reno. In case I had forgotten to mention it, we decided to go with the 'green' renovators we loved so much. We headed out to the car at 8:50, with just enough time to get to nursery school, then to the designer's office, and the car wouldn't start. Unbelievable. This was the first time in history that this car hadn't started. One panicked phone call to my mom later, she rushed over, and we had a car and we were off.

We arrived in the office and the designer had our flooring sample, cabinetry sample and some paint colours chosen for us. We o.k.'d the flooring and the cabinetry right away, but the paint colours she had chosen (based on an inspiration page I had given her) were a little too minty for me. Rather than the greens she had chosen, we chose a smoky blue called "young seal" by SICO. Sorry, they don't have on-line paint samples so I can't show you. The cork floor is pretty light in colour, and the trim will be white, with dark wood cabinetry, except in the powder room, where the wood is a zebra-type horizontal striped wood. The bar top will be black. The bathroom colour is a bit of a muted blue-green, to give us the watery feeling we're going for, without the expense of the back-painted glass tiles. The spare bedroom is a nice mellow tan.

What I hadn't realized was that our quote only included certain things. For example, the contractor does not provide the bathroom sink, toilet, mirror, faucet, shelf, towel bar, toilet paper holder, wall sconces, cabinet pulls, bar sink, bar faucet, bar fridge, pendants for over the bar, shelves for over the bar cabinetry, 3 interior doors and handles, or 2 closet doors. I know what I like, but I've never had to shop for most of these items. One place where I thought I would have trouble was with the closet doors. One of the closets is in a hallway so space is an issue. Sliding closet doors would be a good solution, but when I think of sliding closet doors, I usually can't conjure up a nice image. I had planned to buy regular interior doors and install them in the closets, but when I went to the Home Depot, my first scouting location, and went to the interior door section, I was surprised to discover that there are actually stylish sliding closet doors out there!

Tomorrow my brother is coming over to babysit while DH and I do a quick trip to the store to see what is out there. We don't have a lot of time tomorrow, so we've narrrowed it down to the Home Depot/Big Box option, IKEA, and the specialty store option. I've been to the first two and there were some viable options for many of the things we need. For example, IKEA has a really cool bar faucet (but in stainless), and the price is great, and it would go really well with this sink. I went to see both of these in person, and they are really nice. Tomorrow, we'll head to the specialty plumbing store just to see how much a person can spend on a powder room.


Falling Into Place

Monday, October 6, 2008

A while back, I was blogging about how I wanted to go back to work, which at one time sounded like a cockamamie idea. It is quickly becoming a reality. I have found something to do which sounds interesting, and I even found someone to watch my kids while I'm at work! I knew this would all work out, but I didn't realize how easily or how quickly.

First of all, the job I will be doing is on a project where I once worked. In theory, I'll have some idea what people are talking about when I get there. Second, they are willing to accommodate my two day a week schedule. Sweet. I haven't figured out the days of the week or the location of my office yet, but these things will happen eventually, hopefully this week, now that I have a name, email and phone number for my new boss.

As for daycare for the three kids, I imagined some sort of complicated solution which involved multiple daycares or teenagers watching Mr. Boy after school, as well as many trips back and forth transporting kids various places. Once I put the word out that I was looking for a daycare solution, to the time that we had found someone was about 4 days. A mom at the playground told me about another mom of a boy in Sweet Pea's class that was looking to share her live-in nanny. Share a nanny? Well, that sounds like a great idea. One I had not considered, but it would solve a lot of our problems and we could have one person watch all three children. Would we be able to afford her? Would we like her? Would she be able to drive Precious to school and back?

The answer turned out to be yes to the first two questions, and no to the third. We can pay her what she wants and we'll still come out ahead. We really liked the nanny, too. I'm hoping she'll do everything the way I do it, except the things I don't do well. As for not driving, we are working around the problem by making sure the nanny works for us on at least one day when Precious goes to the local nursery school. It is about 8 minutes to walk there and I walk her there and back year-round. The nanny can do that too. No driver's license required. The other day that I'm at work, DH will work from home and ferry Precious back and forth to her other nursery school. It'll take about an hour out of his day, which he'll have to make up in the evening. He says it is worth it if it makes me happy. Aww. Sweet.

I'll be starting work in a few weeks. Now my attention has to go to those 15 pounds that are standing between me and getting into all of my work clothes!


Perfect Ending to the weekend

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Late Saturday night, actually Sunday morning, the fire alarm went off at the conference centre where we had our scrapbooking weekend. It was really annoying because of the noise, that it was the middle of the night and because I was ready to go to bed about 5 minutes before the alarm went off.

We spent over an hour in the dining hall and around 2:45 a.m. we were allowed to go back to our rooms. Despite the fact that the fire alarm was not a false alarm, and some electrical wires had been smoking in another wing of the building, setting off the alarm, I slept like a log and didn't have a moment's concern about burning to death in my bed.

The next morning came earlier than I would have liked, but I managed to catch the tail end of breakfast at the cafeteria and head back to the meeting room, with only 5 hours left to scrapbook. I got about 14 pages done on the weekend, which is a little less than I would have expected, but considering the problems I had on Friday night with the computer being slow, and since I went for a long walk and a swim on Saturday, it's pretty good output. Overall, I'm pleased. Here's one of my favourite pages.
The best part of the weekend, was coming home to DH and the kids. DH had done all kinds of housework all weekend, and supper was almost on the table, and he was very appreciative of all the work I do every day.


Scrapbooking Weekend

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mindy and I are on our scrapbooking weekend. I spent quite a bit of time getting the laptop ready. I wasn't expecting, but I was hoping, that the conference centre would have Wi-Fi so I could connect to the internet while I was away. We arrived in the meeting room and discovered that there was a wireless network, and we were thrilled! Not only would I have access to Designer Digitals, my blog, and email, but I would have my Photoshop master, Christine available to help me! When she's online anyway.

The first night, I didn't get a lot done. By the time we checked in, had supper, got organized and started scrapping, it was pretty late. I had gotten up at 5:39 that morning, and I wasn't expecting a late night. The computer was insanely slow, and I got a little frustrated. I tried scrapping a little, but I also read blogs and did other stuff that kept me busy. I got in touch with DH and he agreed to let me delete a bunch of stuff he didn't need, I ran a defrag and I was back in business! The computer runs like a dream and I got some pages done today. Tonight is the p.j. scrap, and a bottle of wine (or two, to share) will go well with it.

I love having my own room, my meals made for me, a swimming pool and hot tub at my disposal, and the company of Mindy and Sylvie!


GWG Part Deux

Friday, October 3, 2008

Today it was Christine's turn to get the game-winning goal against the Justice Department team! Our hockey team won the game 2-1 and we are the Champions! It was fun to play 4 hockey games in one week, especially since the regular season starts on Wednesday. I'll be ready. Now I'm off to my scrapbooking weekend away! In honour of the hockey win, I'm bringing Wayne Gretzky wine with me. I miss the kids already, and I usually cry when I'm separated from them overnight. I'm looking forward to getting lots done and to catching up with Mindy. There's an indoor pool too, and a gym, and my own room where I can sleep as late as I want!

The pile of dirt and mulch in the yard is almost gone. DH took two days off this week and really worked SO hard to get it all put where it is supposed to go. While I was helping, for a couple of hours here and there, I noticed a few plants that need some attention, but that'll have to wait until the spring.

We had a little birthday party for DH last night. I had planned to serve baked brie with mango chutney, homemade squash soup, BBQ'd steak, baked potatoes and roasted veggies with chick peas and feta. I had angel food cake with fresh whipped cream and mixed berries. DH decided that after 7 hours in the garden, he would rather have pizza, so we ordered in and had soup, pizza and wings, and angel food cake for dessert.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This morning was game three of our charity hockey tournament. Monday, my play was fine, despite the three 'bonehead' moves I made. We won despite little errors here and there, but it was a close game. Yesterday, we played a weaker team and won 6-0. Today, we were up against the team I played for last year. They had won their game yesterday by a score of 9 - 1. I was pretty confident that we could still win, but I really had no basis for it!

The game was really tight and we played so hard. I didn't even see the time flying by because we were kept on our toes the whole game. After the first of two periods, no one had scored. There was a greater than average number of penalities, and it was pretty exciting. More than half way through the game, I shot the puck from up close to the blue line and it hit the foot of one of the three people on the other team who were standing in front of the net. It went in! I scored! Turns out it was the game winning goal (GWG). After having gone all last season without a goal (our team only scored about 20 goals all year), it was a great feeling. The only downside is that since we won all three of our games, we get a bye to the finals on Friday and we don't get to play tomorrow!

I was really amazed when I saw how well everyone on our team was playing. We're not rusty anymore and we're playing more like a team. It's really fun.


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