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Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm having trouble keeping up with life, let alone my blog. Here's a summary of what happened since I last posted.

On Thursday, I followed up a lead I got from one of the school moms about another mother who was looking to share her live-in nanny 2 or 3 days a week. The nanny would live with the other family and just come over to our house on the days that we shared her. We set up an interview for Saturday.

Friday, Precious was really sick with an ear infection and she cried and screamed like a banshee and was generally hard to get along with. I sent an email reminder to the basement designer that she owed us the design before the end of the day. It had been two weeks since our inital meeting. After school, Corey came over and he and Mr. Boy had a great time. The girls were fighting over who would get to sit beside Corey. He is a really sweet boy. After supper, our teenage babysitter came over at 6:00 and DH and I went to a 40th birthday party. We left the party around 9:15 and headed to Friday night hockey. We usually alternate who goes, but since we had a babysitter and there weren't many people going to hockey, we both went. It's fun playing hockey with DH! When we got home, after beer and wings, we found an email from the designer with the proposed design for our basement. We were down $50 for the babysitter, but we really needed a night out.

Saturday morning, we interviewed Jenny, the nanny. We loved her right away and she liked us enough to choose us over another family that had interviewed her the night before. Now we are in the final negotiation over the wage. The host family's father will drive her to our house for 8 a.m. and pick her up around 5:00 or 5:30 every day. She will walk the kids to and from school, take them to the park, read to them and keep the house neat and the laundry done. I'm quite pleased by the arrangement and the kids liked her. Around lunchtime, I did a bit of tidying up of the garden. I trimmed one of the hedges, cut back a big pine that was blocking the path around the side of the house, and edged the lawn. Saturday afternoon, we hosted a party for all of the children in Sweet Pea's kindergarten class. All of the parents and siblings came too, and there were 59 people here, including us! It was a bit on the crazy side, but both DH and I had such a good time, we're both thinking of hosting a New Year's Eve party and inviting around that many people! Saturday night was movie night and the kids were exhausted so they only watched half before going to bed and falling right to sleep.

I can't even remember what we did on Sunday. We were supposed to go to the fair, but it was raining and we just didn't feel like it. I do know that we kept running up and down the stairs to the basement to see if our revisions to the designer's plan would work. We wrote all over her plan and sent it back to her and we're waiting for her to get back to us.

Today was the first day of a hockey tournament I am participating in with Christine. If we make it to the finals, I'll get to play 5 days in a row. While I was playing hockey, we had 8 yards of topsoil and 5 yards of shredded pine mulch delivered. DH is taking tomorrow off to top up the flower beds and topdress the lawn. I can't wait to see the piles shrinking and the lawn looking better and better. This evening, I went to see a new naturopath. The one I was seeing reduced her hours and I couldn't find a time that would work. I like the new naturopath and she suggested a lot of changes to my supplements, as well as suggested that I try reducing inflammatory things from my diet. This includes wheat, dairy, oranges, grapefruit, bell peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes, red meat, refined sugar, and a bunch of other stuff I enjoy. She also suggested compresses with castor oil in them, invigorating showers alternating between hot and cold, and deep breathing. The grossest part is that I will be taking capsules of cow adrenal glands. Ew!


meddler September 29, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

I've always found that cow adrenal glands are a bit of a turn-on. I'm usually like "zhao-picka-chao-chao-uhm-humma-humma-picka". I think you know what I mean.

Christine September 30, 2008 at 3:26 PM  

Nice DH-of-Beth's, tell us what you really think!

Beth, we kicked butt today on the ice!! You rocked on the blue line!!

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