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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In preparation for a scrapbooking weekend I'm attending in a few weeks, I need to load up my laptop with Photoshop, photos to scrap and my digital scrapbook supplies. I figured it would be easier to move everything if it was well organized, so I also decided to buy ACDSee Photo Manager. Before that, I was using Windows to organize my supplies. It was so annoying and slow. After I got ACDSee installed, I had to create categories and assign all my supplies to one or more categories. So pink paper with dots is assigned 'pink', 'paper', and sub-category 'dots'. While I was assigning categories, I discovered some supplies I don't really need or like, and also some misfiled supplies. It was a great, if time consuming exercise. I finally know what supplies I have and where to find them. ACDSee makes it a snap to get at the supplies I want, and I don't have to scroll through everything I own every time.

Going through my supplies reminded me a bit of my home. I go about my business, day-to-day and sometimes I don't finish jobs or things get a little messy around here. From time to time, usually right before someone is coming over, I look around and notice that things aren't quite as neat and tidy as I had imagined. A few things left on the 'to do' list for too long. Kids playing all over. Stacks of newsletters, forms and notes from school. I tidy up, get to that pile of paper that I needed to organize, or go through the kids clothes looking for things they've outgrown. It feels good to tidy up, and all I need is a little motivation here and there.

Same goes for scrapbooking stuff. Going out in 'publi'c with my scrapbooking stuff has made me take stock. I'll be spending what I hope will be a nice, relaxing weekend with Mindy, and a bunch of ladies I haven't met yet, and I'll be scrapping my heart out. Most of the ladies will be paper scrappers, and I imagine some of them will be curious about digital scrapbooking. I wouldn't want to show them a messy workstation, would I?


Christine September 11, 2008 at 5:16 PM  

I love organizing too! But never have enough time, so I'll tackle one thing, then all the other stuff just gets worse! Oh well...

Enjoy your scrapping weekend, sounds like fun, where are you going?

Beth September 11, 2008 at 5:41 PM  

I'm going to a place I like to call the Wall of Corn. ha ha. Cornwall.

It's a CM retreat so hopefully they don't get upset that I don't have anything CM with me!

It's $275 for the whole weekend and I get my own room, all my meals from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, a gym, swimming, etc. and the scrapbooking room all weekend too.

Mindy September 12, 2008 at 6:26 PM  

I still have to do my scrappin organizing for our weekend away - I am super excited about it though!!!

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