Mundane Dreams

Friday, September 5, 2008

When I was a child, I had a recurring dream that I was being chased by a panther. No matter how fast I ran, it always seemed like my feet were stuck in concrete. When I finally got moving, I would climb a tree and then realize that panthers can climb trees, and my dream would end. I had that dream over and over for many years.

My dreams have been lacking imagination for the last while. I blame it on the fact that I spend my days doing the same thing over and over. My dreams have become the same. Repetitive, mundane, boring. Last night, I dreamed I was waiting at a bus stop while one of the other people waiting sang "Pollywog in a Bog" by the Barenaked Ladies. We've been listening to that song a lot lately. I've had dreams where the toaster broke, and when I woke up, I wasn't sure if it had really happened. I dream about walking the kids to school, and talking to a repairman, and paying bills, among other things. The dreams are paced like real life and are so realistic that I often feel like they really happened.

Is my imagination numbed by my lifestyle? Is my life so easy, safe and secure that my dreams don't need to be wild and scary and exciting? Is it the lack of exposure to things that makes my dreams this way? I do lead a sheltered life.

Before my dreams became so mundane, I used to dream about some element of my day, whether it be a scary news story about a car crash, or something that happened in the X-Files. So maybe my dreams are a bit dull because my life is a bit dull. I guess it is better than dreaming about being chased by a panther.


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