Kingston Overnighter

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A few weeks ago, DH commented that we needed a night away from the kids. Last fall we had gone away overnight, with my mom and brother babysitting. It was 11 months since we had done it and we needed a break. Thankfully, Mom and Tyler agreed to babysit again, and we found a nice hotel in Kingston, so we were set to go!

Friday morning, we left for Kingston, but not before we stopped at the Nissan dealer to get an oil consumption test before we hit the road. We have to go in frequently to have the oil checked because the car seems to be burning oil. Maybe they will get us a replacement engine at some point. While the dealer was checking the car, we walked over to a breakfast place and a had the breakfast special. We finally got on the road to Kingston around 11:00 a.m. We took the slow way and went through a bunch of small towns and did a bit of shopping. It was really relaxing.

Once in Kingston, we parked at our hotel, the Frontenac Club Inn, built in 1845 and originally a Bank of Montreal, and headed out for lunch at the Kingston Brewing Company. We were both excited to try their beer. We had 'dragon wings' for lunch, then headed out to the stores. We were surprised at all of the selection of shops and we had a great time trying on clothes, window shopping and people-watching.

We headed back to our hotel for a nap and to freshen up for dinner. We ate at Chez Piggy, a Kingston institution. We were delighted at the size and luxury of our room, with its two leather club chairs, fireplace, gigantic windows, flat-screen t.v., king-sized bed, claw foot tub, and 12-foot ceilings!

The Frontenac Club InnAn old calendar from when the Inn was a bank.

After dinner, we criss-crossed the city on foot again, and I was amazed at how little vehicular traffic there was and how calm and pretty the town was, even though there were people everywhere. Eventually, we had enough room in our stomachs for a nightcap, and we enjoyed a beer on a patio right across from the Harbour.

The next morning, I was giddy with excitement over the breakfast we were served. Not only were we in a delightfully charming room with mismatched chairs, and 12-foot ceilings, 8 foot tall french doors opening on a pea-gravel courtyard, but the service was great and the food was impressive. I felt I had to pinch myself to see if it was real. DH and I both commented that this was definitely a lifestyle we could get used to. After our satisfying breakfast, we packed up, checked out, then went to the common room, and read the paper. It was so relaxing, and we spent a few hours, until we started getting hungry for lunch.
The common room was the former bank lobby.
Lunch was the piece de resistance, at a place called Wooden Heads. Everything was top-notch, from the service, to the appetizers, to the pizza, to the dessert. The pizza we had had pesto, tomatoes, feta and honey! It was SO good.

After lunch, we walked around and saw these classic cars outside the outdoor market. We did a bit more shopping and then headed home, refreshed and relaxed.

Cars near the market

This trip is becoming an annual event and I had such a good time. I'm just sorry it'll be another year before we can get away again!


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