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Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a hot and steamy weekend. The windows were fogging up on the OUTSIDE today. We didn't really have anything to do today, except head to the grocery store. We went en famille, bought some groceries, and forgot the photos I had ordered over the internet. DH obliged and headed back to the store in the afternoon to get them for me as I needed them for today.

I had printed out invitations for the welcome parties for the kids' classes. I had fun using Photoshop to make custom invitations that I printed out on 4X6 photo paper. They should be going out today to each child in the classroom and the first party is this weekend. Last year, we had Mr. Boy and Sweet Pea's parties on the same day and it got so confusing, and even me, who is good with names, had trouble keeping the names of all of the parents, kids and siblings straight. Sometimes I couldn't even remember which child was in which class.

Saturday was an all-day chat at Designer Digitals. They were giving freebies every hour, and I was hell-bent on getting them all. The only chat I couldn't attend at all was the photography chat that I wish I hadn't missed. Some of the other chats were just idle chatter, but this one was like an interactive tutorial. At 4 p.m., there was a 30 minute masterpiece chat where the freebie popped up, and we had 30 minutes to make a page with the freebie supplies and post it to the challenge site. Below is the page I made. It was made all the more challenging because I had never posted anything to the site before, and I had to figure that part out within the 30 minutes! I didn't end up posting it to the right location, so I wasn't eligible for the prize, but I did get it in the gallery, and Christine commented on it right away, which was much appreciated. Then Mindy commented too! I'm batting a thousand.

After I finished and posted my page, I started looking at the other pages people had made with the same supplies and I particularly liked one, so I scraplifted it, below.
Since I was at the computer a lot, I also tried out a freebie layered template that I had downloaded. I don't love the results, but I love the fact that the page is done, and the journaling too since it is amazing how quickly we forget the feeling of a certain time and journaling it is such a good way to capture what is going on in life. Dare I say it, it's just as important as the photos? I am often surprised when I read old scrapbook pages because there is information and emotions on there that I had forgotten. So I have been inspired to scrap a bit more. I loved making the invitations, and updating my blog header. I will whip up a few more layered templates and I've been trolling the Designer Digitals site for inspiration. I can't wait to start scrapping again!


Christine September 15, 2008 at 5:23 PM  

I love the pages, I know templates don't always work too well, but I like what you did with this one!

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