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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sad to say, I'm not happy being back in town. We left for the cottage for 8 days with our car's trunk full of our stuff and the car full of, well, us! We had just the essentials, with a grocery store not far from the cottage in case we ran out of anything. We had wo kinds of cereal. One type of spread for toast, two kinds of cheese, milk, bread, eggs, butter, meat and veggies, chips, and a few canned goods. Everything was simplified because our space was limited.

What I don't understand is how we have so much stuff in our house! We have a decent-sized pantry and it is still overflowing. I can't find anything in there, but can't bear to throw anything out. Our mudroom was a disaster, with each child having at least 8 coats back there! I have scraps of paper everywhere with notes, and no less than three journals on-going. Our recently decorated den was becoming overrun with my papers, books to read, toys, CDs and paperwork!

I liked being at the cottage because we had so few things to manage. There was no computer. We used the phone only twice, and there was no cable t.v. so we just watched a movie, a few kids shows and a bit of the Olympics. Back here at home, everything seems so cluttered and there are so many things to do, organize, tidy and read. DH felt the same and did an organizing blitz yesterday! He installed the motion detector light for the back yard, made a shelf for our fridge freezer using an old dishwasher wire rack, got rid of a big box of ill-fitting coats from the mudroom, and cleaned out the front hall closet. Bliss!

I was inspired to consolidate my scraps of paper into one journal and try to start using that rather than leaving papers all over. I cleaned the computer desk, and even went through Sweet Pea's clothes and pulled out everything that is too small. One one pair of pants survived this summer's growth spurt! Ditto for Precious' clothes. I still have a way to go, but I will tackle it, a little at a time. The lesson I have learned from all of this is to buy less stuff!


meddler August 25, 2008 at 1:17 PM  

"The lesson I have learned from all of this is to buy less stuff!" - thank the gods!

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