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Sunday, August 31, 2008

We went to the RiverFest at a house built in 1820. The kids got to dress up in period clothes and we all got our picture taken. There was a display of rare breed pigs, goats, turkeys, etc., and DH and I both want to sell our house, and move into the country and have a rare breed hobby farm/organic veggie farm! We're just waiting to win the lottery first.

We learned about the Voyageurs, and the lifestyle in the mid-1800's. DH got to fire a canon with 'black powder', and Mr. Boy did an archeological dig to find artifacts from the old homestead. We got to go on a 'pirate' ship, and Sweet Pea was steering. We were anchored, but she didn't know that.Sweet Pea steering the boat.
The five of us on the boat.

Later, in the evening, we had Mel and Ron over with their two kids and they all had fun. DH made his famous ribs, and I made homefries and green salad. The kids had fun getting goofy and making funny faces for the camera.
Precious hamming it up for the camera.
Sweet Pea and Kiera being goofy.
Mr. Boy and Riley are funny.


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