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Sunday, August 10, 2008

We currently drive a 2002 Nissan Altima. It's silver, runs well, is good on gas and looks great. It can be a bit tight with the 5 of us in there, but it's a lot better now that Mr. Boy can use a booster rather than a full car seat. Sweet Pea has about 4 pounds to go before she can move into a booster.

Our car is about 6 1/2 years old and we're hoping for about 3 1/2 more years out of it. We're a one-car family, so if our car dies unexpectedly, we'd be without a car for however long it takes to get a new one. Car shopping was a minor inconvenience at the time that we bought our last car, but we didn't have any kids then.

So even though it is a while away, I've started noticing which cars I like, and trying to think about what our needs might be in the future. We have two kids who like downhill skiing, but none who like hockey, even though DH and I play. So what kind of vehicle will we need? It's hard to say. It depends on what activities they're in a how much equipment they require, as well as how often we are shuttling other friends (carpool anyone?). Gas economy is also important.

I've noticed that the Dodge Grand Caravan actually looks good to me. Yikes! A minivan?! I've also noticed this great new colour. Chevrolet calls it Spicy Orange. Honda calls it Blaze Orange Metallic. Ford calls it Blazing Copper. I call it sexy and cool.


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