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Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're back from the cottage and we had such a good time. It's the 5th year running that we've rented this cottage from our friends. They're selling it so we probably won't be back. They offered us the cottage a day early because they were headed camping, so we were able to go up on the 15th. I spent the whole day in appointments, shopping and packing and by the time DH got home, he didn't know what hit him. To say I wasn't exactly pleasant and bubbly would be an understatement. I guess I was a bit tired out. The good news was that I was prepared for the cottage and everything was ready to be packed in the car by the time DH got home from work.

Friday night, we got to the cottage, and we even managed to get in a swim. My brother came over after work, and went all went to bed at a reasonable time. Saturday morning was nice and we swam, and Geoff, Mindy and Connor finally arrived around 1:00. Around 3:30, Geoff, Isabella and Abbi arrived. We had a great steak dinner, although Geoff B. complained that the (sweet) potatoes were orange! Later on, we played cards, and things got a little blurry but I do remember finally getting invited to the neighbour's cottage party, which we attended sometime after midnight. The party was much smaller than in previous years, but it was nice to hang out with Aaron, the host. I had listened to that party every year for 4 years and had at least once wished that I could go.

Geoff, Mindy and Geoff B.

Geoff, Mindy and Connor left the next morning at the crack of dawn, and I watched the 5 other kids for a while until the guys got up. We swam and ate hot dogs. In the afternoon, Isabella did not want to leave, and we didn't want her to go either.
Gorgeous, still lake in the morning.

Monday and Tuesday were a bit cool, and there was a torrential downpour on Monday night, but the kids were happy because we let them watch most of Star Wars on VHS. It was getting too late to watch the whole thing so they finished it on Thursday. Because Tuesday also looked cool and a bit wet, we decided to take a road trip to Kingston. We left right after lunch and Precious slept in the car, just like we had hoped. We had such a good time that DH and I want to go back for our second annual fall romantic getaway overnight trip, sponsored by my mother and brother who babysat for us last year.

By this point, we were all feeling pretty relaxed. Few possessions, lots of fun stuff to do, nothing to distract us from the family, and all of our living confined to about 1000 square feet allowed us to just relax and put our feet up and spend time together. Even my morning eggs were happy (see below)!

Grammy came up on Wednesday for an overnighter. Thursday morning, we went shopping in the little towns nearby and found a great store with the most amazing array of things. We will definitely go back.

What else did we do? We swam, we canoed, we kayaked. We went for short walks and picked apples. We watched the Star Wars movie and couple of other kids' shows. The kids played on the swingset, and I did a jigsaw puzzle. We had a bonfire and cooked marshmallows and hot dogs. We BBQ'd, visited with family, read, and just enjoyed the first longish stretch (4 days!) of hot and sunny weather we have had all summer. Mr. Boy after one of the many swims.

Picking and eating apples.
Kayaking was done with Mommy or Daddy in the back and the child in the front.The sunsets were really nice.

The kids, especially Mr. Boy, were trying to pressure us into buying this cottage or some other cottage. We're happy just renting as it is inexpensive compared to ownership and no hassles! Next year we'll be renting somewhere else, so we're already making our wish list. Sweet Pea and Mr. Boy want bunk beds in the next year's cottage, as well as somewhere to swim. I want waterfront and non-motorized watercraft. DH wants a beach.

Back to reality tomorrow as I have errands to run, appointments for Precious and Mr. Boy starts a new camp. One more week until school starts!


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