A Present for Mommy

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I went to get my haircut on Friday, and while I was gone, my children wrapped up a birthday present for me. The kids thought it was really my birthday even though it was just the night my friend Sylvie and got together to celebrate my birthday. My birthday was a couple of months ago.

I got back from the hair place and they had a beautifully wrapped (with Christmas wrap) present waiting, with a hand-drawn card.

I opened the card,
unwrapped the present,
and found some delightful objects from around the house,
including a bracelet, some Post-It notes, a paint brush, an apple and a Tupperware container of water, which had leaked.

Mr. Boy wrapped up one of his books and gave it to my mom once. She keeps it at her place for when he comes to visit. The kids do things like this for people all the time and it is so cute to me. More often than not, their gifts include an apple and plenty of Tupperware.


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