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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I was feeling a little on the dowdy side with my crappy hairstyle. I never spend longer styling my hair than the time it takes to boil the kettle. I hated my hair but wasn't putting any time into it. So, I decided to see Jamie, my new stylist at the Spa near my place. I've seen her once before and she transformed me into a goddess, or at least a SAHM suburban version of a goddess (see my profile pic).

So I was waffling between getting my hair cut really short (read: pixie cut), or keeping it long and spending more than three minutes on it in the morning. I decided that since I had spent 2 years growing out my hair, that I should take advantage and turn myself into the Jessica Biel/Drew Barrymore/Renee Russo look-a-like I used to be told I was.

I got home from the stylist, and my bangs were already annoying me, so I pinned them back, as I am wont to do, and asked DH to take my picture. The northern sun was coming in the office window, and I stood against the wall (buckhorn from Benjamin Moore) and he just took a couple of pics and I actually liked them! I lightened them a little, and tried to remove the colour cast, but I couldn't figure out how. Then I did Jessica Sprague's shazam technique (adding a screen and overlay layer over the photo). It looks like I burned the edges of the photo and did some cool lighting, but it was just a point and shoot. Man, do I ever love my now Canon Rebel XTi! I couldn't figure out how to remove the colour cast (northern light), but I like the composition and the the way the background turned out. And my hair isn't bad either. Good job DH and Jamie!


Christine July 27, 2008 at 4:52 AM  

Hey Beth, LOVE the haircut, and LOVE the photo!! I like your hair long or short you always have such style!!

Now where is that pic of your nice new gold tooth??...:)

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