Music Festival "Widow"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

DH is off for the foreseeable future (until July 13th anyway) at the local music festival. I think it is so incredible how much he is into music and how it moves him and how he couldn't live without it. He is so giddy when he comes home from a concert, and I love that. I spent about 2 hours cleaning the basement this morning. Here DH is playing Mr. Boy's guitar that he made. I took this photo so I could recycle the guitar rather than keep it in the basement. It felt so good to get rid of reams of art projects and toys. DH drove to the charity store with the toys before any of the kids could notice them missing.

Since DH is so busy in the next little while, I'm so busy in the next little while. I had a soccer game tonight, so my brother babysat the kids for me. He hasn't babysat that much lately, and Precious conned him into lying down with her to help her fall asleep. Anyone know any single ladies? My brother's a real catch!

Last night, I was glad that SAHD Geoff called to invite us for a swim and some belated Canada Day fireworks. DH was out and I didn't want to park the kids in front of the t.v. All three kids ended up swimming and hot tubbing a bit and we all watched Geoff's fireworks in broad daylight, around 8. There was just no way around that since none of the kids can stay up past dark in the summertime. I didn't get the kids to bed until about 9, but it was so much fun and I think I even met Geoff's girlfriend!

Yesterday, I had the kiddie pool set up and we all took a turn cooling off.

Here is Sweet Pea in the pool.

My dad had his knee replacement on Monday, the 30th of June, and here is is killing time at my place until I 'discharge' him. I just wanted to make sure he could get around the do things on his own before he went home. He's all by himself and he tends to overdo it at the best of times. We poked a bit of fun at him for the stockings he had to wear, but he really did a good job and powered through with the exercises and the rehab.


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