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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I haven't spent much time in my garden this summer. It rained for most of June. My peonies finally bloomed one weekend in June, and two days later, a torrential rainstorm all but destroyed the blooms. My allium bulbs started to grow leaves and the blooms were forming, and about a week later, I looked and they were gone. They poked their heads up, looked around and changed their minds! On the other hand, the weeds are thriving, in this, year 5 of our organic lawn!

A few of my perennials are nicer than ever. The astilbe, goatsbeard and lilies are doing well, and the checker mallow and the echinacea are so huge, they are almost taller than me! I had bought an elderberry plant a couple of Mother's Days ago and it almost died that first summer, but now it is flourishing in it's new location, and it has almost doubled in size since spring! I get so excited when I find a place that a certain plant seems to love.

It rained a lot this morning, but I went out because the weeds were getting out of hand in the lawn and the flower beds. I sometimes wonder what the perfectly manicured neighbours think! We haven't mulched the flowerbeds in a few years, and there are lots of bare patches, which weeds just love. I figured I had a week's worth of weeding to do, but once I got started, it wasn't so bad.

The funny thing is that when I'm weeding, and I'm starting to get tired, or I figure the kids need me, I keep telling myself that I'll just pull one more weed, or one more handful, or I just do this one more little section. It seems I can't stop myself! I just keep going and going. Then, when I think I've stopped for the day, I'll start collecting the weeds into the compost bags, and the next thing you know, I'll see a bunch more weeds and I just pick one more, then another.

I think it's because weeding is rhythmic and therapeutic, but it doesn't do much for the look of my fingernails!A Canada Day page I made a few days ago


Mindy July 15, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

I agree that weeding therapuetic I miss getting out on my lawn every Sat and Sun it feels like so long since I have pulled anything! I did notice the fine grass seedlings that have sprouted where I removed the clover the other week. That is my new approach, I call it weed and seed. :-)

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