I was so frustrated, I broke my tooth

Friday, July 25, 2008

Last week I was eating my lunch (quiche) outside with the girls, while waiting for Mr. Boy to come out of camp. I felt what I thought was something clinging to my tooth and realized it was a part of my tooth that was about to break off. I was thinking "If my teeth are breaking off and I haven't even hit 40, what's my mouth going to look like by 70?" So I was a bit depressed/annoyed by this happening, not to mention the fact that it meant I would need to find a babysitter so I could get into the dentist a.s.a.p., especially since what was left of my tooth was jagged, which hurt my tongue, and was also a prime location for decay.

I got into the dentist a few days later, and my mom generously offered to babysit. The dentist wondered what could have caused the break, and for the life of me, I could not figure it out. I was eating EGGS for pete's sake! The kind dentist filled my tooth, and it was paid 80% by insurance, so no major harm done. The break was mostly on the back of my tooth, so the filling isn't visible either. All in all, I got off easy.

Yesterday, I got particularly frustrated with Sweet Pea. I was lying down with Precious, helping her fall asleep for her afternoon nap. Sweet Pea came up into the room they share and said in a loud voice "I'm still hungry Mommy". This after she had a bigger than usual lunch, but I digress. I sent Sweet Pea back downstairs, Precious laid back down and seemed to be drifting off again. About 3 minutes later, Mr. Boy and Sweet Pea had some sort of altercation downstairs and Sweet Pea started bawling at the top of her lungs. Precious was upset and kept holding a finger over her lips and saying "shhh". I wanted to yell downstairs "be quiet" but thought that yelling that was kind of counterintuitive. Long story short, Precious did not have a nap, even though she was almost asleep, so you can imagine her (and my) mood for the rest of the day.

To get back to my point, I got kind of frustrated at this and gritted my teeth and felt a new sensation. It was my filling! On my recently broken tooth! I deduced that my (unfortunately) frequent tooth gritting had caused my tooth to break. I think I really need to learn how to relax.


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