First full day in Sunny Regina

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The city lived up to the moniker I assigned it when I first came here with DH in 1998. Sunny Regina was indeed sunny and not too warm. We got up after a poor sleep. Everyone was jet-lagged (only two hours, but jet lag nonetheless), and Precious was thrashing around in bed at night and just didn't sleep that well. Tonight, the sleeping arrangements are being re-organized for the best possible sleep for everyone.

In the late morning , we went to Oma and Opa's house. They are the great-grandparents of the children and they are originally from Austria. We had a delicious lunch of cold cut sandwiches, homemade noodle soup with carrots, and homemade cookies. Mr. Boy and I enjoyed our fill of ripe raspberries from the bushes in Opa's garden. His whole back yard is a vegetable garden. He said he loves to spend the whole day out there and even has naps on the swing he has set up against the house.
In the afternoon, after Precious' nap, we went to a place called Ipsco park. It is a large park right beside the steel factory. There was a lot of noise from the factory, but the park was cute with lots of brightly painted climbers, an enormous slide, where Sweet Pea got a wicked burn on her arm when she wiped out, as well as a little petting zoo and a train ride. The pool was too deep for the kids, but we've promised them a visit to the splash pad tomorrow when the weather should be quite hot.

Some play structure tires from Ipsco.

We got home and the kids finished watching The Bee Movie, then we had a BBQ of sausages, with beans on the side, and we ate outside, on Mr. Boy's suggestion. It's almost bath and bed time and then the adults will probably play card games or board games.


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