Favourite Children's Book

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My favourite children's book so far has been Cat's Pajama's by Thacher Hurd. There are cool, jazz-playing cats in nighttime scenes and the words of the story are so catchy, it is hard to read it without using a beat poet/rap voice. It is hard to believe that I do not own this book. I have it mostly memorized from the times we have borrowed it from the library.

The reason I'm writing this is that we were at the Storytime in the Park at the local library today and the theme was skunks. The librarian read a book that was so compelling, I immediately reserved it and can't wait to read it again myself! It was Skunks! by David T. Greenberg and illustrated by Lynn Musinger. I don't think it is better than Cat's Pajamas, but I was excited by this book.Sweet Pea posing on the grass while waiting for storytime to startPrecious participating in storytimeMr. Boy watching the librarian set up.

Tomorrow we're off to visit my grandmother in the morning so everyone is freshly bathed and I plan to dress the girls in dresses tomorrow, just to up the cuteness factor even more.


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