Monday, July 7, 2008

The kids wanted to play with play dough this morning and they had so much fun. I got out the read rolling pin and they had fun making their dough "flat as a pancake". Sweet Pea wanted to make all of the creations from the play dough booklet that came with the new containers I bought a few weeks back. She made the rainbow, starfish, butterfly and cat.

Mr. Boy hard at workPrecious asking for helpSweet Pea's star fish

After the dough, DH, working from home, agreed to watch the older two so I could do the groceries with just Precious. We went to Costco and were in and out in 30 minutes, with the damage being $270! I had to go today to pick up the photos I had printed for the contractor. They're all scans of magazines with rooms that DH and I like. I realized after I had sent them that it is probably illegal for me to copy them!

So the first contractor is coming in the morning at 9:00 and the second contractor is coming at 1:00. The second guy is not a 'green' contractor, but he did win Renovator of the Year for the city last year for renovations from $40K - $100K. Hopefully he will consider our little job! I told him I was interested in using low or no-VOC products such as flooring and paint and I'll spring it on him that I also want no or low-VOC insulation when he shows up tomorrow.

Now I'm off to research RAW and how I can use it for my photos. I have a feeling I'll be upgrading to Photoshop proper once I'm through. I use Elements 5.0 now.


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