Does my basement look better all of a sudden?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

When people are selling their house, they tend to finish up those odd jobs that have been hanging around, and also clean, organize, get rid of stuff and generally spruce things up. Why do we do these things for others but not for ourselves? I remember telling DH that we should have done it 'ages ago' when we got our old house ready to sell 5 1/2 years ago.

The same situation is playing itself out in our basement right now. We've been in our house almost 5 years and the basement has been a dumping ground for EVERYTHING! We had toys upon toys upon toys, 5 sets of hockey equipment, all the china and crystal that will go in the dining room china cabinet we don't own yet, sewing projects to last me five years, and two over-sized boxes of boxes, among other things. That's right, two large boxes of BOXES! Everytime we recieved a package or opened a gift that was in a box, I would hoard the box away into my 'wrapping' area which was just two large boxes that once held car seats. Why did everything end up in the basement? Well, we had lots of space and no reason to deal with the clutter. Until now.

I'm proud to say I recycled all of the boxes and kept only the nice ribbons, bows, and the reusable gift bags. I've got enough of those to last a lifetime. DH still thinks I should get rid of some, but I'll work on paring down some of the other stuff before I dive back into this particular box.

DH made two trips today; one to the local charity store to donate toys and old clothes, and the other to the local technology recycler, who works out of his home and strips old electronics for their parts and metal and who 'freecycles' the rest. I am so glad to be rid of all the old computer monitors, cables, video game system, 19" t.v., and the old VCR.

The basement is actually starting to look - dare I say it? - good! Just in time too, as the first contractor is coming over on Tuesday to go over a plan, estimate, and some design ideas with us. I am really excited about this particular contractor because his specialty is 'green' renovations. I know, everyone claims to be green now, but this guy is the genuine article. He even has a store-front where he sells no-VOC paint, caulking, recycled glass tiles, reclaimed wood furniture, etc., etc. The possibilities are really exciting. DH is a little concerned it will cost too much, but I am optimistic (naïve?) that it won't.

I'm sitting here with the laptop enjoying the hot summer weather, which has finally arrived. I was complaining about the rain before I heard that we had had 22 straight days of rain. That is all behind us now and it is a gorgeous day!


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