Camping was such fun

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A torrential downpour on Friday night sent us all scurrying to our tents. Luckily we put our tent in a high and dry location, and we only had a minor leak. The weather on Saturday was perfect and we headed to the little beach near our site for the morning. After lunch, we all went down the main beach and enjoyed the sunshine.

It had rained so much over the week and the day we arrived that there were a few mud puddles that just wouldn't go away. Notice DH's footprint in here? He lost his flip flop in the mud puddle while carrying a friend's child. He managed to hang on to the child, and had to dig around in the dark looking for his shoe.
Sunday, they were calling for showers, so we packed up the dining tent and most of the other tent and headed to the little beach for a bit. After lunch, we packed up the rest and headed home and it started raining on the windshield about half way back.

Twenty trips unloading the car, five loads of laundry, and a desperately needed bath for the kids, and we were all back to normal by Sunday at supper time. We're already planning another trip for this summer as Precious was a dream to camp with, despite our misgivings heading out.


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