Rub and Dub Dub, three kids in the tub

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We enjoyed the first day of summer vacation. Mr. Boy and Sweet Pea were off playing in their room for a couple of hours this morning and may as well have been at school. Mr. Boy went for a playdate later in the morning and the girls and I walked to the library with SAHD Geoff and his two daughters. It was a hot and muggy day, which we're kind of known for around here. The girls picked out books and videos and I got the Hooked on Phonics I've been waiting for for several months. I always borrow back issues of my favourite magazines when I'm there. I always look for Canadian House and Home, Shape, Yoga Journal, In Style and Canadian Family. I was pretty lucky to find three today.

I did some weeding, 'whipper-snipping', and mowing the lawn today while Precious was sleeping. My mom had come for Sweet Pea at lunch and had taken her out shopping for a couple of hours. Mr. Boy came home mid-afternoon and then we went to his last hockey for the year. He had been in a 5-week preschool hockey for beginners. He seemed to have fun, but wasn't so hot on it that he wanted to do it anymore. I signed him up for the 5-week session before committing to a whole year of minor hockey (50 ice times!) and I'm glad I did. I guess we'll be doing downhill ski lessons this winter instead. Mr. Boy with his bubble beard. Sweet Pea's cute grin (above)
Precious in the tub (below)
I am having SO much fun with my new camera. I even had dreams about it last night! I bathed the kids after hockey, and supper at DQ. I took advantage of the skylight in the bathroom to take some pics in the tub. I want to bring my camera with me everywhere I go!

BTW, I finally talked to one of the references for the window company and I'm finally ready to call to order my new windows. I just need to choose the colour from their colour samples. It's hard because the perfect colour isn't in there and I'm not willing to pay the fee for a custom colour. Actually, I wonder how much it is for that?


Christine June 26, 2008 at 9:34 PM  

Love the pics Beth! I'm going to want to get a new camera now...oh wait I have one, another one then!!

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