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Friday, June 27, 2008

More on the title in a sec, but first to tell you I have been in a bit of a dry spell with scrapbooking lately. I haven't made a page from scratch in a month. About how long I've had my blog. Hmmm.

I've spend a huge amount of time doing scrapbook-related things like researching my new camera, participating in chats over at DD, looking at the gallery and talking to Christine about scrapbooking. The problem is I hadn't actually done a page, other than filling out a template, in a coon's age! Come to think of it, I've been spending a lot of time reading other people's blogs as well as writing my own.

So tonight, after I had postpone my belated-birthday dinner with longtime friend Sylvie, at the last minute no less, I decided to sit my butt down and get serious about scrapbooking. I was over at Jessica Sprague's blog to look at her Photoshop Friday tutorials. I have yet to complete all of them, so there were still lots to choose from. I have been inspired nearly every time I have ever gone to her blog or picked up one of her books. I chose - Create a Dreamy/Handtinted Look on a Photo. PSF '06 #5. I was happy with how the photo turned out and I even scraplifted one of Christine's pages. Success!
As for my tummy, it has seen better days. I will not be taking my herbs anymore until I can speak to the naturopath about the gastro effects they are having. In fact, I'm not sure I can take them at all as they have me down and out and unable to participate in real life!


Christine June 28, 2008 at 5:14 AM  

Wow, what an honour! I love your version. Don't you just love the brown combos?? And yeah, I agree with your assessment on the herbs, stop until you know what's going on!! Good luck!

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