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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I was undecided about which digital SLR camera to get. I read the reviews at DPReview and had been to Jessica Sprague and Ali Edwards' sites to see which cameras they had. Jessica had the Nikon and Ali had a Canon Xti. They were split, as was I.

I showed up at the local camera specialty shop still unsure of what to get but pretty sure I was ready to buy something. The clerk put the Nikon D60 and the Canon Rebel Xti in front of me and I picked them both up. The Nikon was as heavy as a brick, so I rejected it immediately. The clerk also believed that the CCG card was inferior to the CMOS of the Canon. That was one decision out of the way. The harder choice was between the older Canon Xti and the newer, bigger (12 megapixels instead of 10), faster, more expensive Xsi.

The very knowledgeable staff member walked me through all the improvements of the Xsi over the Xti, which weren't really worth the more than $200 price difference. She assessed my needs and skill and told me it wasn't likely I would outgrow the Xti anytime soon. That tells you something about my skill level! I told her my concerns about the Xti being obsolete as soon as I left the store. She told me that the camera wouldn't be sold much longer, but that didn't mean it would be obsolete. All of the components, including the battery, compact flash, lenses, etc. were standard items that would be available for a long time to come, and with 10 megapixels, I would be able to enlarge the photos to the largest size I was likely to use - 12X12.

I got the camera home but had no time to admire my purchase and only 10 minutes to get ready for yoga with Justine. For once, she took it easy on us. I assembled the camera with the 50mm 1.8 lens that was recommended by two different photographers, and tried it out. I have yet to get a good photo out of the camera but I'm sure that's my problem, not the camera's!

As for the Rimmel Vinyl Lip gloss that I bought, I am happy with it. It is similar to the CG Wetslicks, although the former is shinier and slightly more opaque. I got a darker-than-usual colour and I notice it wears off on the lower lip is a slightly unflattering way. I will definitely buy this lipgloss again, but in a lighter colour, of which there are many. It doesn't feel sticky and my hair doesn't get stuck in it! The applicator wand is quite short, which also makes it good for applying without a mirror.

Happy last day of school! Summer vacation is here!


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