Happy Father's Day, Part Two

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday passed so quickly, I didn't even have time to blog!

My dad came over in the afternoon. He lives about 2 hours away. He's a vegetarian and has been for probably 20 years, so I have to make sure what I'm serving for supper is o.k. for him. We've been having a lot of salmon and rice lately when he's over (he eats fish) but I was sick of always serving that. I got out my old standby, The Joy of Cooking, and looked up "vegetarian" and found a recipe for roasted vegetable lasagna. It was quite a bit of work, hence no time to blog, but it was delicious and Dad went back for a second helping. After the kids had their bath and went to bed, we played euchre as my brother was here too.

I was over at the mall in the morning exchanging some shortie pajamas I had bought for the girls. The size 4 fits Precious (who is 2 1/2) and I needed size 5 for Sweet Pea. That was the biggest size they had and it fits her well. Altogether, I got four pairs, two for each. I got them the butterfly, whale, seashell and blowfish.

I also picked up the Vinyl Lip gloss from Rimmel. It was recommended by Paula Begoun and she hasn't steered me wrong yet. I'll let you know how it is.

DH and I had a bit worse than usual sleep as my dad was up with his smoker's cough from about 4 a.m. He spent the night because he has a doctor's appointment in town at 9 this morning. He's outside with two of the kids, poking around the garden.

Not much is on the agenda for today. School, my yoga class with Justine tonight at 7 and all of the regular errands and jobs I do around the house. I'm also trying to finish the titillating Consumer's Guide to buying High-Efficiency Windows and Doors. It's almost decision time for the window replacement.


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