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Monday, June 23, 2008

As you know, I started seeing the naturopath a couple of weeks ago. I liked the fact that she asked all kinds of questions and I got to vent a little. It was therapeutic. The second appointment was no different, as we had a full hour and we reviewed my philosophy in life, major events, and my significant relationships. The doctor believes that unexpressed emotions cause pain in our bodies. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for that leap of faith yet, but I can understand how stress can lead to problems.

I started taking two new herbs last Wednesday and by Thursday night, I was really sick with some kind of stomach thing. My original 'diagnosis' of it being the bad feta cheese may have been off because Mr. Boy has now come down with it and Precious has had a fever for three days. We still managed to get to the cottage, but it was a matter of me getting out of bed and walking straight to the car and lying back a little for the hour-long drive. I thought I'd be perfect the next day, but no luck and even Sunday was iffy. I still preferred lying down to sitting and sitting to standing.

We had a great time at the cottage and the weather on Saturday was picture perfect.

Speaking of pictures, I am just finalizing my plans to get my new camera. My cheapo point and shoot is great and portable, so I can take it everywhere, sometimes in my pocket(!), but I just yearn for the quality photos I see on all the scrapbooking sites I visit, and on the pages of my friends.

I thought I had decided on the Canon Rebel Xti and it was even on sale, but my neighbour came over with the newer, slightly better Canon Rebel Xsi. It has a bigger screen, a few feature upgrades and 2 megapixels more than the Xti. Once I opened that can of worms, I started looking more closely at the Nikon D60 too. The Xti is a real bargain, but one of the main problems with buying technology is how fast it gets obsolete, so I'm debating whether it is worth spending hundreds more for the newer model. I'm off to research what my favourite scrapbookers use and that will likely influence my decision.


Franco Boggiano, Ignacio Montalvo,Santiago Trabucco June 23, 2008 at 7:00 AM  

downoald "beth" of Kiss

Christine June 23, 2008 at 5:29 PM  

Glad to hear you are feeling better, sounds like you had what we had a couple of weeks ago!

Yeah do the research on the camera, go test them out and see which feel best to you... it's an investment!

this is a great site for detailed reviews:

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