Cutting Corners

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is a person who cuts corners always destined to cut corners? Is doing things carefully and doing them well something we're born with or is it something we can learn?

A friend of mine told me that he used to always cut corners. I asked him if that is because he was born that way. He told me it was just his excuse to keep doing do things the lazy way. That he eventually learned to do things the right way and that it's just better.

I started thinking about this again when we were driving home from Sweet Pea's dance recital. Actually, it was more of an open class as there wasn't really a performance or a particular routine or anything. She's 4 after all. So, we were driving home from the recital and following a nice Jeep or some other truck-like vehicle with a large cardboard box on top. DH wondered aloud if the box might not be strapped onto the vehicle. I thought that it couldn't be so, but there were no visible straps or ropes. DH thought it wise to follow a little farther back than usual. Suddenly, when we started to hit 65 km/h and just as we were going over the highway overpass, the unthinkable happened. The cardboard box flew off of the truck and landed on the road, blocking the other lane of traffic, causing the car next to us to swerve towards the guardrail. It all happened so fast. The timing couldn't have been worse as the car that almost hit the box was 40 feet over the trans-Canada highway and was swerving towards the guardrail. The truck that had previously had the box on top braked a little, then continued down the road and never came back for the lost cargo.

Why would some put something on the roof of their car, presumably to take home, then drop it on the road and never bother to retrieve it? Were they cutting corners? Why did they care so little about the contents of the box to just leave it on the road? Do they realize they could have seriously hurt someone?


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