No Peeking!

Friday, May 23, 2008

When I'm out for a walk or jogging around my neighbourhood, one of my favourite things to do is peek at other houses. I don't look in the windows or anything, but I look at how houses are decorated on the outside. I notice the windows, roofs, driveways, and I always look at the gardens. I'm more interested in the garden design than the actual plants. I love those gardens that marry different textures and shapes together, and the ones where there is a lot of repetition.

I was out for a walk this morning and I brought my camera. I had seen a house that is the same model as mine and they have changed the style of the windows. I sent it to DH and we agree that we love it. We're in the market for replacement windows and I plan to show this picture to the salesman.

When I was about to take the photo, the front door opened and the owner stepped out, so I had to pretend I was adjusting my iPod and blowing my nose so I could stall long enough to get the photo. I felt weird asking permission and I'm sure she was on her way to work otherwise I would have asked her where she got the windows.


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