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Saturday, May 17, 2008

We're suburbanites, so a trip downtown is not something we do everyday. Although it is only 20 minutes or 25 kms, we always have some reason not to go. With it being a long weekend, all of the children's activities were canceled, freeing up our Saturday morning. With rain forecast for the rest of the weekend, we knew we only had one chance to go downtown to the Tulip Festival.

I didn't find too many things for the kids to do at the festival proper, but with free admission, how can you complain? There were plenty of things to see, and photo ops, and snacks to buy. We even managed lunch on a patio where the children were so well behaved, they were 'easy'. Mr. Boy was so hungry from running around all over that he ate twice his normal ration.

Before we even made it to the festival, we walked around the market (a charming section of downtown) a bit and the kids has so much fun outside the National Gallery, seeing the giant spider, and just running up and down all the different pathways.

Once inside the festival, there was a long row of decorated tulips that were taller than the children. They were each decorated in their own way, but my favourite was the green tulip with the mirrors on it, with the red metallic leaves.

We were so energized by our trip downtown, that we started talking about what it would be like to live there again. I remembered the convenience and the energy, but also the noise and the bright lights all night, and beeping delivery trucks and snowplows at night in the winter.

I think it would be a bit different with kids. Where would they play? Would we have room for a garden? Would we need to go up and down an elevator to get to our condo/apartment/house?

For now, we're going to stay out here in the 'burbs.


Christine May 17, 2008 at 5:39 PM  

Aren't those tulips just awesome! I also had a similar trip, Abby had fun, Gillian was happy! A great place to go, but the pavilion was a little sad, nothing for the kids!

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