Blissed Out Spa Experience

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

After hearing about Le Nordik from friends and acquaintances, I knew I had to go. I could just never find the time. Or someone to go with me. Or whatever lame excuse. Finally Christine asked me to go to celebrate my birthday and how could I resist? When I lived in Japan, Jessica and I made it a habit to visit the onsen regularly. We would enter tired and harried and emerge fresh, clean, relaxed, and sleepy. The onsen we visited there were segregated by sex. Upon entering, we would scrub every surface of our bodies vigorously, then start the process of going into the various mineral pools and hot tubs. My favourite experience was a particular onsen where we had a gorgeous view from the outdoor hot tub. Of course it started snowing lightly. It was magical.

No snow last night at Le Nordik, but every aspect of the place is made to ensure relaxation. From the steam room (with eucalyptus infusion), to the outdoor fireplaces, heat lamps, hot tubs, sauna, relaxation rooms, 'refreshing' waterfall (15 degrees Celcius), to the restaurant with their cheese platter... AAAhhhhhhhhhh (big sigh of happiness).

I stayed much longer than I had planned and got home and had to tell Hubby about it all, even though he was sleeping when I got home. I feel like I just spent a whole day on vacation. Hubby even said he might come with me next winter.


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